Asoka great ruler

Ashoka (fl269-232 bc) was the third and possibly greatest ruler of the mauryan empire, best known for renouncing aggressive war and his efforts to spread buddhism. Asoka c299 bc -c 237 king of india asoka was ancient india's greatest ruler his grandfather chandragupta maurya of magadha had established the first indian empire when asoka succeeded to the throne he tried to complete the conquest of the indian peninsula in the course of his conquests, however, asoka became. Ashoka, also spelled aśoka, (died 238 bce, india), last major emperor in the mauryan dynasty of india his vigorous moreover, he exhorted them to respect the creeds of others, praise the good points of others, and refrain from vehement adverse criticism of the viewpoints of others to practice the. (by tsem rinpoche and p prashant) dear readers, i am thrilled to have been given this opportunity to write about emperor ashoka the great during his ear. The meaning of ashoka in sanskrit is 'without sorrow' he was also called samraat chakravartin (emperor of emperors), devānāmpriya (the beloved of god ), priyadarśin (he who regards everyone with affection) he was born around 304 bce in patliputra, patna he was the son of king bindusara and maharani dharma. Ncert solutions for class 6th social science history chapter 8 ashoka the emperor who gave up war these lions are shown on our currency notes in honour of one of the greatest kings of india, ashoka, who built the capital moreover, on independence, the lion was recognized as the national. Emperor ashoka is widely regarded as one of the greatest rulers of india this paper mainly deals with his medical condition as recorded in the buddhist texts of sri lanka as well as in the buddhist texts of north india and nepal these sources mention his skin disorder which is described as very rough and unpleasant to. This credit has neither been disputed nor denied by any historian of any country asoka's place in history has been determined by three main factors, namely, his unique role as a ruler, his remarkable achievement as a missionary, and for his lasting contribution to human civilisation 7 great leaders in history who have.

Ashoka was the first ruler to unify all of india he was also the first buddhist king who after his conversion to buddhism attempted to embrace nonviolence and buddhist principles as part of royal policies today, he is considered one of india's greatest leaders ashoka the great ruled india from 273 bc until. Idealist and versatile, the precursor of human civilization and the ancient indian history star ashok was a great emperor in all historians of the eye are called the golden period of ashoka's reign. With its most honourable epithet, ashoka the great is a well known name even to every child learning indian history the distinguishing achievements of ashoka have made him duly deserve this title and it is highly interesting to know what this amazing emperor has done to glorify the indian subcontinent. Ashoka, or ashoka the great, was an indian emperor of the maurya dynasty, who ruled almost all of the indian subcontinent from c 268 to 232 bce he was the grandson of the founder of the maurya dynasty, chandragupta maurya, who had created one of the largest empires in ancient india and then, according to jain.

Presents : the life of ashoka ashoka the great was emperor of the maurya dynasty who ruled the indian subcontinent from 269 bc to 232 bc. Emperor asoka (ruled 274-236 bc), the greatest ruler in indian history, was the man who ensured buddhism success as a world religion after asoka conquered the kingdom of kalinga, in one of most important battles in the history of the world , near the brubaneswar airport in the state of.

Ashoka the great was the emperor of india's mauryan empire during the 3rd century bc who, shortly into his reign, switched to buddhist nonviolence. The 24-spoked ashoka-chakra, which has found its way into the indian national flag also a fine artifact of ashoka's period kl kamat/kamat's potpourri emperor ashoka (bc 304-239) emperor ashoka as a great ruler of india and as promoter of buddhism holds an important role in the history of the world.

Ashoka the great (304 bce - 232 bce also known as asoka, sanskrit: अशोक, aśoka pronounced ashok, even though there is an 'a' at the end) was the ruler of the maurya empire from 273 bce to 232 bce after a number of military conquests, ashoka reigned over most of south asia and beyond. Emperor asoka is regarded as one of the greatest rulers in india's history his grandfather, chandragupta maurya, ruled india for twenty-four years it is reported that chandragupta ascended the throne in 322 bc at the capital of pataliputra by murdering the nanda king and proclaiming the beginning of the. Ashoka the great was emperor of the maurya dynasty who ruled the indian subcontinent from 269 bc to 232 bc his kingdom stretched from pakistan and afghanistan in the west to bangaldesh and assam in the east, and as far as kerala and andhra pradesh in the east ashoka was headquartered in magadha (bihar. Born only 30 years after alexander embarked on his improbably successful invasion of asia, ashoka was not only the first great ruler to reject the glory of violent conquest, but also the first to apply the teachings of the buddha to politics and governance as hg wells put it in his short history of the world.

Asoka great ruler

Ashoka was the grandson of chandragupta maurya who founded the mauryan dynasty his father was bindusara (vindusar), who was widely considered to be a good ruler of the kingdom his mother was empress subhadrangī, a hindu brahmin he had several half-brothers and sisters from his father's. Did you know that before ashoka the great became a peace-loving monarch he was known as chanda ashoka, meaning 'cruel ashoka' widely believed to be one of the kindest, strongest rulers of india emperor ashoka has a fascinating life history let us take a look. Ashoka was called as ashoka the great due to the following reasons: his actions in the administration and management of state reflect piety love, magnanimity, high moral discipline and ethical conduct in his personal as well as public life.

The emperor ashoka is considered to be one of india's greatest monarchs, and was the third ruler of the mauryan empire whilst ashoka's conquests pale in comparison to his illustrious grandfather's, he is widely remembered as a buddhist ruler, and it was his contributions to buddhism and morality that. Known as sargon, or sargon the great sargon of akkad is considered to be one of the first great conquerors of history a semitic ruler, he reigned from 2234 to 2279 bce as the first mesopotamian empire king he conquered many of the surrounding city-states forming the akkadian empire through his. The contents of asoka's edicts make it clear that all the legends about his wise and humane rule are more than justified and qualify him to be ranked as one of the greatest rulers in his edicts, he spoke of what might be called state morality, and private or individual morality the first was what he based his administration.

Ashoka, also known as 'ashoka the great', was the third ruler of the mauryan empire and one of the greatest emperors of india who ruled almost the entire indian subcontinent he is largely credited for spreading buddhism in many parts of the world he grew up to become an absolutely fearsome king with. Ashoka was the third ruler of the maurya dynasty and ruled almost the entire indian subcontinent from c 268 to 232 bce let's have a look at his life history, empire, rule, administration and dhamma. Emperor ashoka (304-232 bce) was the third king of the maurya dynasty he ruled a truly massive kingdom that stretched from the hindu kush to the bay of bengal it was india's first great empire it is not just that ashoka ably ruled this huge empire but the quality of social justice that he brought to his already strong. A sense of solidarity between ruler and administration was being sought, and one imagines that ashoka's message was necessitated by problems specific to kalinga following a brutal pacification of the area, a strong mauryan provincial government must have been headquartered there several years.

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Asoka great ruler
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