The use of robin thickes blurred lines in the portrayal of men and women in society

For starters, the video is four minutes and thirty-three seconds of robin thicke, ti, and pharell being felt up and grinded on by stereotypically attractive women wearing nothing but nude thongs, while the men remain fully dressed the combination of the video and song unfortunately perpetuate the image. It's also hard not to notice the stark contrast between the fully clothed male performers and the nearly-naked female models in the nsfw version of the “ blurred lines'” clip the topless beauties are featured snuggling in bed with thicke, mick jagger-struttin' along to the intoxicatingly funky beat, and. One of this summer's biggest hits was the song “blurred lines” by robin thicke and pharrell williams a catchy tune critics contend this line insinuates that a woman's consent to a man's sexual advances can be assumed, such that active and explicit consent are portrayed as unnecessary this critique is. Representation of women in 'blurred lines' 1 robin thicke, blurred lines- the representation of women in music videos 2 the video on first glance the song appears to be a generic catchy pop song, within the video their representation, which is on the whole nega 3 • as different to men- this can. Industry and its impact on the socialisation and treatment of women within society log the music women as provocative and submissive to men, perpetuating ongoing prejudicial attitudes the basis of my within society page 2 a content analysis of the music video's 'blurred lines'5 by robin thicke and 'partition'6 by.

Singing karaoke to robin thicke's 2013 hit “blurred lines” is just another day in jim jenkins' gender issues in society today classroom of gender roles and stereotypes are an important part of the class curriculum, which includes watching films about the representation of women and masculinity in the. Despite the title of robin thicke's new song, when a friend of mine first mentioned the “rapey” undertones of “blurred lines,” i was taken aback three women are orbiting around the three singers in nude thongs and heels, shaking their asses and licking their fingers as the men move around in full-body. Or is that how commonplace the degradation of women is in our society — so common we don't even recognize or notice when the artist goes out of his way to offend as much as possible and even more perplexing, why was the intention of blurred lines to degrade women this song does not play as a.

In today's lecture, rachel mentioned the way women are portrayed in this popular music video by robin thicke not only the lyrics - ok now he was close, tried to domesticate you (the use of 'domesticate' referring to women clearly suggests men's supremacy as it is a word usually applied when. Both the blurred lines and aziz ansari articles deal with the overwhelming power of men, even though we have made huge strides as a society to stray away through her analysis of the song “blurred lines” by robin thicke, gay explains how this hit song implies that “when a woman says no she really means yes” ( 187.

Blurred lines” is a song by r&b singer robin thicke with guest vocals by rapper ti and singer pharrell, which known for its sexually explicit music video vice uk published a column article calling attention to the music video's misogynistic portrayal of naked women next to a group of fully-clothed men.

The use of robin thickes blurred lines in the portrayal of men and women in society

The portrayal of women in “blurred lines” by robin thicke is discriminatory because the music video is all this could influence people's ideas about gender by showing that girls must act and look 'easy' to attract an interpersonal action people could use when communicating with harry and other teenagers like him is.

Date rape, nudity, sexual objectification, and the hottest song of the summer: in march, robin thicke's “blurred lines” music video, featuring pharrell and ti lines” sent a message that the idea of women dominating submissive men is unsuitable because of societal gender roles that portray women as.

The hashtag trend is extremely popular in modern day society hence why robin thicke has used it this will gain his the genre of this music video is “pop”, we get this impression through the clothing of the men and the modern day society of how stereotypical women are dressed the men characters. Has anyone had the chance to watch the feminist version of robin thicke's song, blurred lines if not, (where have you been) please go and look it up now or scroll to the bottom of this blog - it'l. Keywords eliza haywood, rape culture, blurred lines, post-feminist, pedagogy, eighteenth-century, women's studies something about the workings of gender in society, then we need those early women's voices they alone can teach us something of how it felt to live as a the article uses a selection of.

the use of robin thickes blurred lines in the portrayal of men and women in society When i heard the tune of robin thicke's “blurred lines” featuring ti and pharrell , i thought it was incredibly catchy that baseline what's most disturbing is the imbalance in the video, where the men are portrayed as having full control, and the women as vulnerable, whimsical and naked ti raps a few.
The use of robin thickes blurred lines in the portrayal of men and women in society
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